Fritzing on Raspbian Stretch

I have installed a freshly downloaded latest Raspbian image and it seems I get some errors when opening the package. The errors are :

1.) Sorry, we have a problem with the swapping mechanism.
2.) Cannot read file /home/pi/bins/core.fzb: No such file or directory
3.) Fritzing cannot load the parts bin.

The package still open despite the errors however you can’t do anything with it since the parts section is unavailable.
I think it has something to do with the new update of Raspbian as I had no problem in it using Jessie.

  • The only method I did for troubleshooting is re-downloading the package through the terminal. Thank you in advance.

This is a problem with the current development version as well. It seems that until you package it as a release it does not work correctly as you have described. Unfortunately I do not believe there is a simple answer for you. It would require someone compiling a release for arm and then packaging it for distribution as a binary like the ones available for all other architectures. I would suggest contacting the person that maintains the RPI repo to see if they can fix it or render their repo inaccessible until it is fixed.

Looks like with the new upgrade to the image / OS, the fritzing files / library has been separated into parts. To fix, via terminal type :

sudo apt-get install fritzing-parts
sudo apt-get install fritzing-data