Fritzing on mac os catalina?

I’m willing to purchase Fritzing, but want to know if it runs on a mac with os catalina.

I’m running it with Catalina 10.15.2 and 24GB memory with very few problems. I think that there may be some memory issues if you use large board designs but overall its good to use.
As a plus point it can do strip boards for prototyping as well - not many doing that on a Mac at the moment!

Thanks for the report, I’m not on a Mac so couldn’t help the OP is was hoping someone with a Mac would post :slight_smile: . If you can provide an example sketch that causes a problem, please submit an issue on github here:

so the problem can be addressed in a future release. Development is being restarted so issues hopefully can get addressed if we can find developers. The only issue on Windows that I have seen with large sketches is rendering slows down (and can become glacial if you set the grid size to a small value.)


Thanks, the only reason I mentioned memory was the fact that I’ve just tried to use a strip board (really useful for prototyping) and increased the number of columns and rows to something like 60 x 100. It took forever to render the board and yet the standard 30 x 20 rendered very quickly when placed - in fairness there was a warning message displayed to warn me of this so it may be a known design issue. If I can pinpoint a problem I’ll certainly do my best to contribute. Wish my programming knowledge extended to this level!

You are correct, this looks to be a known issue. I just tried that on windows and indeed it is taking forever (and did indeed warn me that it would.) Looks like there is an internal limitation of some kind. I’m almost sure that knowledge has been lost however (the original developers are pretty much all gone now), as I wasn’t aware of this problem. I’ll add it to my list of problems to look at. Thanks!

edit: A late thought, if you are using perfboard you may want to search the forums for “top view”. We have made some parts more perfboard friendly (typically breadboard is slanted at 45 degrees)