Fritzing on 1024 x 600 pixels netbook

I’m a bit under the weather this morning and decided to stay in bed. After getting bored to hell I dragged myself out to grab my old netbook so that i could RFTM.

I discovered an old Fritzing version running on it and do a quick upgrade. But here is the snag. It does not fit on the 1024 x 600 pixels real estate.

Is there a quick hack to make it possible to change the current 1133x480 limit a few pics smaller?
Those 109 pixels are spoiling all the fun. The scroll bars of the parts selector and inspector fall off the screen when using F11 fullscreen mode and a also cant resize them horizontally.
If in any way possible I would like to set it to 800x480.

I probably should get rid of the Netbook but it’s small size is way more practical then any other notebook.

Anyhow, is there a config file of any kind or a command I can use to change this limit?
Or can it please be an option in the next fritzing release?


Sorry, but there’s no easy way to fit it into these screen sizes. You can try to “undock” the parts library and inspector panels on the right so you have them floating, but not sure this works.
The minimum width of the window is mostly a result of the toolbar buttons at the bottom of each view (red bar). There’s probably a way to make them collapse nicely, but we didn’t investigate this further yet.

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Ahh right ill try that, silly thing is that on this netbook the collapse button is on the right side (off screen) and it doesnt allow me to drag the window. I hope this works that would make me a bit more productive

Thanks for pointing it out i hope this works

I managed to get them undocked, not ideal but it is workable.