Fritzing lags a lot

I was trying to create a simple circuit on a protoboard and Fritzing keeps lagging.
Core i5 11th
16gb Ram.
I don’t think specs are the problem, right?
What may it be?

How large is the perf board? There are (or were they may have been fixed) performance problems with large perf boards. If you upload the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) one of us can try it and see if we have the problem as well.


Sorry for the late reply. I don’t know what happened but the project didn’t save.
I’ve created another one right now with just one 41x23 stripboard and the program is lagging.

There appears to be no lag with Perfboard 41x23. But if I set it to stripboard it laggs and also looks strange.

This is an old bug that has been fixed in 0.9.9. When the stripboard is resized to have more columns or rows, the new holes are connected all together. That makes fritzing unresponsive.
Try to use 0.9.9 to generate the stripboard of the right size or try to cut the extra connections of the stripboard.

It’s still lagging after downloading 0.9.9

The algorithm is not very efficient and your board is big. So, you could be reaching the limits of what you can do. However, it seems to me that there are several pins connected together, which could do things worse.
Have you cut the strips under the ICs? Check the wiring and be sure that the connections are ok. Use ctr+click to highlight the connectors of that net, which is very useful to highlight unintentional short circuits.

Thanks for your response.
But what do you mean by net? thanks

Ok I just broke the connections under the chips. But it’s the same. I can upload the Doc if you want.
LED Chaser V3 Final 4 FORUM 1.fzz (29.0 KB)

By net he means all the connections that are connected together. Here I left clicked on one pin on the perf board and all the connections that are in that net light up yellow

showing you everywhere the connection goes. The net is the collection of all the pins that are connected together.