Fritzing is very slow on my PC


I started with Arduino 2-3 weeks ago and always wondered about the nice drawings of the parts in different forums and so I decided to dowload the software as well as give a small donation.

Now I am working with it but find it very very very slow to draw and position the different pieces and I really do not have a slow PC as well as my hardrive is a 1TB SSD.

What can I do to improve the speed ?

Thanks and regards Rainer

If you have the grid set too fine it goes slow, maybe it’s that.

Thanks. Will play with the settings.

If you open one of the examples such as


and try an move it around do you see the same problem or is it only one of your sketches? If it is only one of your sketches (and isn’t a changed scale as Old_Grey suggested), if you upload the .fzz (seventh icon from the left on the reply menu bar) one of us can try it on our machine and see what happens and likely tell you what is wrong.