Fritzing is crashing during Gerber export

I am having a problem where Fritzing just crashes and hangs when I choose to do a gerber export. When I look in the export folder it has only got as far as the pnp.txt file.

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening? It seems to be a problem with my file because I’ve tried this Fritzing project file and it exports fine.

I don’t understand what is wrong with my particular file to cause these crashes.

( I have saved the osx crash report after force quit if this helps the developers at all. )

Have you waited an unbelievably long time? I know for me on Linux with complex Fritzing sketches it causes the program unresponsive message and asks if I want to force it quit all the time and not just during Gerber export (ground fill, opening projects, updating, undoing things, etc). I ignore those messages as they are simply the system not getting a response from the program because it is busy doing the last thing you asked it to do, they are not a result of the program not doing what you want.

When I have to fix peoples Windoors computers I expect it even more and I just walk away and hope that when I come back a half hour later things have completed.

If you upload the fzz file that fails (7th icon from the left in the reply menu bar) we can both try it and try and figure out whats wrong if it fails for us (assuming waiting a long time doesn’t fix it :slight_smile: ).


Wow. Ok yea. So that was it!
I just needed to wait a really really long time and do nothing else on my computer.

It’s odd though because I have very little going on with this board design in terms of traces, components or vias; however there is quite a complex copper layer svg for capacitive touch pads so I guess that might be it.

I believe Fritzing is written to use only one processor so some things just take a loooong time. OR at least that is how it looks on my system when I monitor CPU usage. I think this means that the user interface and the calculations are on the same thread so we get the unresponsive pop-up. If it used two threads, one for the interface and one for the calculations then it could give us proper feedback of its current state.

I would attempt to change it if I was a programmer but unfortunately I am not. I know my way around but I know nothing about GUI programming.

I have even failed trying to compile the development version of Fritzing on Linux so even if I was able to make changes I couldn’t test them.

I’m feeling your pain :slight_smile: , I spent the day setting up the environment on a Ubuntu 16 desktop linux box and hit the same (or perhaps at least similar) obstacle. After giving up on Qtcreator (docs with no screen shots referring to a tools menu that isn’t on my gui …) I switched to the linux command line version but the head version died on something to do with the parts checker. So I figured maybe head is currently broken while someone fixes something (although no commits since march) so I downloaded the .9.3.b release branch and that does the same thing so there is something in my tool chain wrong. I’ll try a post in developers and see if there are any takers …


Sounds like you got further than me. I am running UbuntuGnome 14.04 and ran into dependencies not being met. Since I am a little behind on releases my dependencies are not as easily resolved as your would be.