Fritzing Installation Problem on Linux

I removed Windows & changed my Computer to run on the Linux operating system.
I have not been able to re-install Fritzing on the Linux Operating System.
Can someone please assist me?

There is no installation needed. You just download the binaries and run the file named Fritzing . If you are on a brand new Linux release then there could be other issues making it not run and in that case you should try running that same fritzing file from the command line and see if there are any warnings.

What i always do (Linux mint) download the tar and install midnight commander (apt-get install mc). Unpack the tar in your download map.

Open mc with sudo (sudo mc) in a terminal. Copy the extracted map (i rename it to fritzing) to /opt/fritzing

All you have to do is run in the /opt/fritzing map

In the menu editor browse to the fritzing executable and you can pic an icon from the icons map too.

I removed Fritzing, rebooted the computer & re-Installed a fresh version of Fritzing from the web again.

When attempting to run Fritzing I still receive notifications similar to this:

" The part 'e-paper eval board at ‘/home/syd/downloads /Fritzing/ fritzing-parts/core/10x2-Epaper-Breakout-Board-v11-fzp’ does not have a unique module id ‘10x2-Epaper-Breakout-board-vqq’

Hitting ok or delete just displays the next part with the same message.
This repeats every time the same message and a different part.

Can someone please advise what I need to do to remove this corrupted program and all the Parts from my computer & re-install a fresh version with all the parts.


If i remember correctly Fritzing saves temporary files in ~/.local
Have a look there for a fritzing folder and delete that one.

If it’s not ~/.local have a look at ~/.config :wink:

remove or move aside


neither of these get touched during an install as they contain the user’s sketches, but they sometimes become corrupted (usually by an interrupted parts update).


Hi all,
I have tried all suggestions including uninstalling Fritzing completely and anything related to it, including my circuits layouts & Parts from my Linux computer several times.

There must still be some hidden Fritzing files that I do not know about.

I then re-installed Fritzing but it still wont run.
Apart from Fritzing my computer is working perfectly.

It seems that I may have to try another PCB design program which I am reluctant to do as I believe that Fritzing is the best that I have used so far.


You do realize after purging the suggested files and redownloading on first run it may become unresponsive for many minutes while it updates the parts library. If a pop up comes up saying it is unresponsive just ignore it and DO NOT FORCE IT CLOSED. If you force it closed or kill it during this update you will break the install every time.

EDIT: also you never responded to my previous attempt to help where I asked you to start it from the command line to see if you get any errors and report back on the results from the terminal.

How are you installing Fritzing? If you are using one of the package managers an issue on github indicates at least one of them doesn’t have a dependency for the parts database (the fritzing-parts repo) which breaks the install. The recommended way to install is download the zip file from the Fritzing site, untar it and run Frizting from the install directory. It has an appropriate (if now outdated) parts database. Then as @sublimeartistry suggested above you need to wait while the parts database update takes place. If you want to use one of the app managers (which the linux folks suggest that you do) then make sure to load the fritzing parts package too in case it isn’t set as a dependency on fritzing.