Fritzing in Windows 11: Unable to upload sketch from Arduino 2.0.4

Hello Fritzing Support, Users and Collaborators.

I installed the latest version of Fritzing in Windows 11, I made Fritzing point to the Arduino 2.0.4 location, loaded Blink from the Open Examples folder, and tried to compile and upload the code unsuccessfully. Below is the message prompted after clicking Upload:

Running C:/Users/rolandogovantes/AppData/Roaming/arduino-ide/Preferences --board arduino:avr:mini --port \.\COM3 --upload C:\Users\rolandogovantes\AppData\Roaming\Fritzing\fzz\2bfd033a500bd8147f55ec0ebe3a847e\Blink_TMP\Blink_TMP.ino

With the standalone Arduino IDE 2.0.4 the Blink sketch us compiled and uploaded to the Arduino UNO board without problem.

Any guidance in the matter will be strongly appreciated.



There was a recent post (which I can’t immediately find!) that the latest version breaks. Ah! it is on githyub in issues not here

I have rolled back my version of Arduino IDE to version 1.8.19 and the upload now works from Fritzing.

is the part of it that is likely a solution until the code gets fixed.