Fritzing gpl palette

Hello! I made a gpl palette (used in Inkscape) with colors from the graphic standards and some other colors used in Fritzing. Since the forum does not allow gpl files, i attached a pastebin link. I’d love some feedback with improving it.

If you rename the gpl file to .fzp the forum should let you upload it. Just tell us it is a gpl file (and how to use it in Inksca[e as I have no idea! ) and at least some of us will likely try it out.


To import it into inkscape you need to go to Edit > Preferences > System : User config, open the directory in file explorer, open /palettes and put the file there. After a restart of inkscape you will have the palette in the bottom right menu.

Also when trying to upload the file i get this message:

So if you want to try the palette, paste it into notepad and save it as a .gpl file

OK I’ll try that. Indeed it looks like the forum is looking at the file, and rejecting it so on to plan B. I zipped the

Fritzing gpl palette Rev 1.0.gpl and then named it Fritzing gpl palette Rev 1.0.gpl.fzpz and that uploads fine:

Fritzing gpl palette Rev 1.0.fzpz (627 Bytes)

you need to download then unzip the .fzpz file to recover the .gpl file (it isn’t a .fzpz file so won’t load in to Fritzing!) the same used to apply to svgs before svg upload was fixed up.