Fritzing freezes after installation

I have Windows 7 32bit with VS 2012 installed and Fritzing freezes when anything on main window is clicked. I have msvcp120.dll in system32. Help!

Wait a very long time. Walk away and let it do its thing. It is downloading and installing parts updates.

If you have interrupted its deliberations before it finished you may need to delete directories:

c:\users\username\AppData\Fritzing\roaming\Fritzing (which is a hidden directory so you need to enable hidden directories in explorer) and

c:\Users\username\My Documents\Fritzing (where username is your windows id)

as the database can get corrupted if you interrupt the parts update and these directories don’t get touched even on a rinstall of the program. If you just delete them Fritzing will recreate them and fill them appropriately.


Thank you. Working. :slight_smile: