Fritzing Edgy specifications [fixed]

Hello there,

I’ve got an old Fritzing Edgy and hope to use it in a new project.
I’m searching for tech specifications for this 2 motor shield because I need to know how many current voltage and intensity is able to pass through it.
I’ve searched in the shield box but there is no doc only an old dead link to and no succes with my friend google©.

My project involves peltier module and ventilator so, basically, there will be a load of current in the shield and I prefer to check for compatibility before destroying my edgy shield.

Thank you by advance.

Don’t know anything about Edgy shields, but if you can read the part number on the driver chip that will get you a data sheet and thus a current capacity (probably 1 to 2 Amps). As you note peltier modules are usually high current (often 6A or more) so your Edgy may be able to drive the fan but you may need something like one or more of these for the peltier


Impossible there is a dissipator glued on it … but thank you

Perhaps one of the longer term Frtizing folks will know more, but from this older forum article:

it looks like the Edgy used the l293e which are 1A per channel from the data sheet.


Yes that’s what I feared about …
Ok i’ll invest in a stronger driver so, thank you for quick answer.

If anyone else has keep some documentation about Edgy i’ll be happy to take it … all I found was 2 archives with sample use for 2 motors or a step motor.


For thoses interrested by my search I found this :

Like Vanepp says before it is limited of current amount to 600mA with 1.2A peak value.

Thanks for help, I’ll use a bigger driver for my needs and my old edgy will be part of another project that do not involves big currents.

Thank you again and see you later,