Fritzing drawing Vs Inkscape drawing

I opened the 5mm LED in Fritzing PCB(5mm_LED.svg) and it shows a dotted outline - the dwg size I assume -, 2 contacts, and a black part outline.

In Inkscape the dotted outline and the 2 contacts come up, but the black part outline is missing. Where is that?

Also, the contacts in IS are gold but empty inside, where as FZ has red spots in the centre. Do the red spots appear when connectors are assigned?

the 5mmm LED is exactly as you described. That Black line you are looking for is really white. This is called the silkscreen, the contacts are called called copper0, &copper1, when referring inside inkscape to their grouping and or object names. You can change that white to black if you’d like. The white of your monitor is currently hiding that object.

The parts with red dotted connecting point(s) are simply unconnected, even if assigned in schematic mode. You can click on menu bar routing-show unrouted. OR click-n-hold, ‘connections still to be routed’ at the bottom of the screen to see unrouted connections.

Hope that answers your questions.

White on white, no wonder I couldn’t see them.

I imported the engineering PDF drawing into Inkscape and selected the lines I wanted. I then scaled them so they are dimensionally accurate, and made a silkscreen from that.

Ok, Fritzing will add the red and green dots when I assign the contacts.