Fritzing disappears from my Mac

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

Hi, I downloaded Fritzing, used it to make a schematic with Arduino UNO, saved it and a couple of weeks later Fritzing and the schematic are completely gone from my computer

What I expected should have happened instead:

It shouldn’t have disappeared?!

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:


Please also attach any files that help explaining this problem

A program or file will not just go away on its own. Either you are not looking in the right spot (I am not really a Mac person, but I assume you are using “finder” to locate it), or something deleted it. Did you do any sort of “rollback” or operating system level “undo” or “restore” since you did the schematic? With both the program and the document missing, that seems the most likely explanation.

Do you have multiple user identities on the computer? The files will probably only be visible to the user that installed the program and created the document.

Did you actually install Fritzing, or just download and run it? If that is what you did, it was probably sitting in the download, or other temporary folder, which could have been cleaned up, either manually or automatically.

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I downloaded it again and it is working fine but like you said its not showing up in my applications, Usually when you download an app it is installed on your computer?

I just dragged and dropped it into my applications. Usually it gives you this option but it didn’t this time. Thanks Merlin

Not a mac person, but otherwise no. Downloading does not install a program. Programs normally need to be installed after they are downloaded. Some, like Fritzing, will run without being installed. All of the other (non-mac) Fritzing downloads need to be at least unpacked before they can be used.

This can vary based on the meaning of “app” and “download”. An app manager can do the download, unpack, and install together. Terminology and context dependent.

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All sorted, thanks microMerlin