Fritzing custom part for Teensy 3.6

I’ve created a Teensy 3.6 custom part for Fritzing…
Teensy 3.6 (Basic).fzpz (72.8 KB)

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Holly carp, that must have been a bit of work.

Sometimes people use the PCB footprint to mount on custom boards, and there is a few tweaks you could do.

1 Could use a silkscreen outline in PCB. Silk is for superfluous stuff and should be above copper in XML.
2 The pins on the inside are actually there and will be drilled, is that what you want. Move them to silkscreen group for no drill
3 The copper layer is only on the top side so no tracks on the underside of the PCB can connect to it. Rename your copper group copper0 and put it inside a group called copper1.

Nice job… Teensys have always been one of my favorite boards.

In your Schematic View .svg, connector25terminal through connector46terminal are missing, resulting in your wires snapping to the middle of the pins. Old Grey is right, your PCB View needs a little work.

I still like it… nice art work.

Are the inner pins used in the Teensy, ie should they be in the PCB view.

Seams like no one wants to fix this, so I’ll have to take a look at it.

There is a lot to clean up in the svgs.

While this is different than the one Sparkfun sells it seems to match this one:

in which case yes there are connectors missing for all the pads in the middle of the board (which from the board labels appear to be usable) That may be why it is listed as basic though. All the pads seem to be present on the PCB, just no connections to the center ones. The pin map (which is quite confusing) looks to be here:

From reading, PJRC are the ones making the series.

Seams like all the inner pins are used except the USB header.

There probably should be an upside-down version so people can use the square pads, but I’m not keen on drawing that. At least those pads aren’t needed in PCB, so the other views can simply be reused.

I mainly want to fix the PCB because it doesn’t have copper0.

PCB view - added bottom copper layer - removed USB header pins - added other pin assignments - made neater.
SCH view - added other pin assignments - made neater.
BB view - added other pin assignments.

Data -

My mods - Teensy 3.6 (Basic).fzpz (96.2 KB)

In the end, I didn’t use this fritzing component. But I made a few subsequent revisions and saved on github. Apologies for not relaying this info sooner.

This fritzing component was my first and my first pcb project too. It was a good learning curve which I enjoyed and it gave me good insight, however I feel for my current project, fritzing may not be entirely suitable for the pcb requirements; But I still think Fritzing is a great tool and Im very glad that the teensy 3.6 is now available in Fritzing. Both teensy and fritzing are wonderful tools for enthusiasts and educators and are mutually beneficial. I wish I had more time to contribute.