Fritzing asking me to short my 5V and GND pins

Hey guys, so I just finished making my first PCB in Fritzing. I first made it in breadboard view and then switched to PCB. For whatever reason, Fritzing is asking me to connect the 5V and GND pins in both these views. I didn’t find any connections between them, I checked both the breadboard and I checked every trace that was connected to the 5V and GND pins.

Why does this happen?

Here is a link to my fzz file.
sprout.fzz (138.6 KB)

You have a wiring error in breadboard. This pot wire should go to ground (and does in pcb) but in breadboard goes to 5V causing the short:

delete the incorrect wire and the rats nest (from pcb) for the correct connection appears.

making that connection makes the sketch work correctly.


I see. No idea how I missed that. Thanks for the help!

It is usually a good bet to route schematic. It is very easy to miss errors like that in both breadboard and pcb. Schematic tends to make it more obvious (although in this case that is less true!) The best practice (due to a Fritzing bug!) is to complete one view completely (schematic is best!) and then do the other 2 views by clicking on the rats nest lines and routing them, as they will be correctly routed.