Fritzing as web application

Hi Team,

Could you please make fritzing as a web application rather than stand alone desktop application? Or else release an API so that other can build web apps.


Its on github.

Hi Duff,

I had checked the source code but couldn’t understand. Like when we launch the program what is the code that is executed. I’d like to know what part of the code is executed when an specific event occurs (for example, clicking on the part button, dragging the part, connecting the part etc,.).

On a side note, I’m new to Qt and i’m familiar with only web technologies such as html, css, javascript and jquery.


this is a big topic and i am a late on the reply. fritzing should be, indeed, a web-application.
therefore we start to build a static fritzing-parts-api from the fritzing-parts-repository

you can check it out here:

it would be cool to get more people working on this. we already begun with a parts-viewer… let me know if you want to join the development :smiley: