Fritzing and a 3d scan

Hi guys. My customer asked me to create curcuit using fritzing on the base of a 3d scan he created using Artec 3d software. So I git a scan and do anyone have an iea how it can be imported into Fritzing.

It likely can’t be directly imported in to Fritzing. You may be able to adapt an existing Fritzing part to do what you need but Fritzing parts creation isn’t all that easy to do. Here are a couple of tutorials which will give you some idea of what you are getting in to :


What is this thing, is it a circuit, a part, or what.

If it’s just a circuit a photo will be good enough, but you could leave the 3D open and use it as a guide and just remake it in FZ.

If it a part and you want to use the 3D as a photo for the BB view, just print screen and convert it to svg.

Yep, I got the main point… Thank you guys.

The parts creation service may be your best option