Fritzing 0.9.2 confuses the order of endpoints in a connection


I have a problem where connections in both the schematic view and PCB view often break: When a connection has bendpoints, the connections between bendpoints are sometimes built in a different order.

I have uploaded an example at imgur, see below.

The red circled areas have problems. The cyan zigzag lines are connections that should did not exist before, but were created during an unrelated “undo” operation. The thin blue lines is were a connection used to be before the problem appeared.

I have seen the same problem multiple times, also in the schematics view. Any idea?


This is part of a know current bug. Should be fixed on the next release of the program. Close all your applications, then try again. If that doesn’t work. Try again/reboot. I’ve personally seen fritzing open in I call it ‘madness mode’ I just close everything out. (running Linux) then start again. Works a treat most of the time.

Good luck!