Found Alternative Method to Modify / Generate Simple New Parts

Learning how to make new parts using InkScape & modifying SVG files is a pain especially for simple parts. I found this YouTube that explains an alternative.

This example is just based upon a simple IC outline but changes Breadboard / Schematic etc so there may be other existing parts that can be changes similarly.

Now if we could just find a simple way to import JPGs to breadboards etc…


Following on from my post above I’ve just found in the ‘parts’ under ‘Breadboard’ Schematic & PCB View’ the ability to paste an SVG image onto your working view.
For example I had a need to show the image of a ESP8266/USB Adapter on my breadboard without creating a new part.

If you only want the SCH and PCB parts, like the others, it’s not to bad, but if you want the BB view, the reason FZ was made, it can get difficult unless you import a pic, which is avoided unless it’s for small demand parts.

Here is an example of, in BB, of showing at the top of the pasted image an imported image with wires connected.
Obviously this is not going to be reflected in Schematic or PCB views but for someone just wanting some images for a ‘wiring diagram’ this may suffice.
Incidentally the imported image can be as simple as a JPG imported using, Core Parts/ Breadboard View / Breadboard Image and then in the Inspector ‘Load Image File’ and scale using ‘Shape’ property.
Enjoy & comments welcome

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