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Been using Fritzing past few days with the hope that “finally” I found the PCB program I’ve been looking for for the past 25 years.

There are dozens of programs to choose from but NOTHING in between very basic and 2000.00 professional suites that require almost day to day use to understand the software. And trust me, I’ve TRIED THEM ALL. There is NOTHING out there worth a damn and this has been frustrating for years.

The one that comes closest is Sprint layout 6.0 which is the most recent one I’ve been using but it doesn’t give the schematic option like Fritzing does.

The online programs are all nonsense because you’re locked into THEIR services. Express PCB has a fantastic little program BUT I need it on my PC ! And generate gerber files. Money isn’t the issue but someone needs to do it right for < 100.00

Eagle, I could name them all past and present and they ALL have at least ONE thing that keeps you from using it.

Board size limitations, pin count, just plain difficult to use – they’re all crap.

I think Fritzing is on to something with their software but I’m leaving it because of ONE issue –

Manipulating wires (traces) with these silly bendpoints to make connections is ridiculous – a real pain. You should just be able to connect trace to pin or trace to trace in a snap and be done with it.

I think the guys at Fritzing should take what they have now (because I really love the “feel” of the software vey much) and do something geared toward the advanced hobbyist in a commercial venture, Sure, keep the current software free with donations but maybe do something seperate towards those of us looking to spend a hundred bucks or so on something that “does it all” with an easy learning curve. Plus it needs to generate machine files for assembly. Like I say, nothing worth using exists between heavy duty pro and very basic programs.

Anyway – there’s my vent.

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The history of Fritzing:

I think there on to something with it but the wire/trace thing drove me nuts – Diptrace (which I downloaded yesterday) may prove to be my only alternative but extreme overkill for an occasional PCB designer. It is somewhat easy to grasp though.

I’d buy a program designed like Fritzing that is very intuitive but with more of a semi pro feel.

PRO, simi-pro, or versioned software should come as 100% open-source keeping with tradition. But do remember Fritzing is still Beta software for a reason.

Manipulating the bend point(s) on a more complex board has more then it’s benefits. I understand It’s a bit different concept, which could possibly have other features added to it in the future… Thanks for your suggestions and comments.