For how long will FRITZ be down?

Dearest Fritzing,

We read that your site is down. Now, I just got to see it on a youtube channel and it looked very interesting.

So, is there something I can help you with? I am a seasoned software developer with 40 years of experience and maybe I could do a thing or two if you are stuck?

Welcome to email me on, if there is something I can do.

I would like to translate Fritzing to Danish, and I can find guys who can make it into Swahili. I work and live in Kenya where we speak Swahili.

But if there is nothing I can do, then let me know when you hope/think/guess/dream/wonder if the site is up again :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

Rational Intuitive LImited.
David Svarrer

Since you are on the forum, the ‘site’ is up. I have not seen it down. I am on here daily. How old is the information that you have that the site is down?

The Fritzing app is to be downloaded and installed locally on your computer. It does not need a web site to continue to run.

I believe that @davidsvarrer means the Projects page. I would like to know the same thing, when will this page be back up for creating and sharing projects online? When will you be finished with it so we can use it?