Footswitch FS5700

Hello there,

Any suggestions to use the single pole version from following part in frizting ?
anyone happen to make a custom part for it ?

Thanks in advance!

Depending on whether you need the pcb footprint, a spdt switch from core parts may do. Electrically they are equivalent but the pcb footprint (if you need that) won’t match.

if you need the pcb footprint to match the switch you would need a custom part.


yeah, i’d need the pcb layout, i’ll look into making a custom part then, cheers mate.

Making a part is not all that easy. For a small number of parts it likely isn’t worth trying for your self. Here is a part that should do what you want.

edit: changed label from A (assembly) to S (switch)

fs5700-spdt.fzpz (3.9 KB)


Oh thank you so much <3