Font sizes loading into Fritzing schematic incorrectly from an inkspace svg

In 0.93 I am finding a strange phenomena on the font sizes loading into Fritzing schematic incorrectly from an inkspace svg that I have saved. They come out as huge size in Fritzing’s schematic view, I deleted the original ones and even my newly created fonts were huge.
Seems opposite to Fritzing setting a size to zero as described in another post here. I will try removing px from all the font sizes to see if that helps. I guess this version has been around since 2016 … Testing being done found font size of 166.9923489234px , ugh … replaced with just 166 and the fonts are now back to normal.
ps … I find ATOM with a few nice addons makes a great editor for this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

You might want to try my python parts checking script available here:

On the way by it removes the px from font sizes and does a number of other things as well as complaining about common gotchas (such as Inkscape’s habit of turning circles in to ellipses which breaks gerber generation). The error messages assume you understand the xml (because that is what they are looking at).


oh that does sound good. I do understand the xml , and json as well to some degree :slight_smile:

just ran your python code on a troublesome file from inkscape, an icon file and it fixed my font problems and it seems other lines of code were also noted and some well also modified in the file. Now this python code here seems like a good choice for a Fritzing plug-in one day . Python is a great language for creating plug-ins.

Which addons to atom do you like? I looked at atom on the suggestion of another another parts maker about a year ago, but I ended up (so far) staying with vi which I’ve used for 30+ years. However it may be time for a hard look at atom as a replacement after making some improvements to the python script and getting Fritzing development going …


I have Remote-Ftp,atom-beautify, emmet, find-list, minimap, open-sesame,project-manager,project-viewer, and terminal-plus as addon packages.
The ones in italics I like the best and use them more often.