Font Sizes in Notes on Schematic vue

Hello everybody,
Brand new in Fritzing. Just overcome a problem in installation of Fritzing.
I’ve a question of fonts sizes: I’ve a note in a schematic in front of a terminal bloc to describe signals entring the board.
I would like to adapt size of the font of the note in order that text lines up with the spacing of the terminals.

I’ve search in the forum. Have found that there are only 2 fonts.
But what about sizes of this fonts.
Is it possible to change the size of the exiting fonts?


Click on the text so it’s selected, then change the font size in the Inspector box bottom right.
For font size on part names select the part and right-click on the label, and then select font size.

Could you please clarify that instruction? I am using version 0.9.3 and can not find any font settings appearing in the inspector box. Or anywhere…


Sorry I was thinking of text, not note. Looks like you can’t change anything in a note, just the size of the box.