Font colour and background colour of the tooltip so similar that the text is not visible

Hi guys, I have just started with Fritzing. I am currently using the latest version 1.0.2 and have the following problem. The font colour and the background colour of the mouseover tooltips are so similar that it is hard to read what is written there. The two colours are grey in grey and it is therefore difficult to see.

Does anyone know the problem? Is this perhaps just a settings issue? If so, I haven’t found the option yet.

I would be grateful for any help.

While I’m not entirely sure what you are clicked on, I assume it is a breadboard pin. On Win10 it looks like this

I don’t know how you change that (or what operating system you are using) though, is it possible that you have “dark theme” set?


Hello Peter,
I use Win11 and you hit the mark with your tip. As soon as the colour setting is changed to light, it now looks like yours.

Thank you very much!