Flipping parts in Fritzing breadboard view?

Greetings. I am new to Fritzing and have created 2 parts for my own project. The program sure crashes a lot, but that’s not why I’m here.

I have these two parts, Part A and Part B. The bottom of Part B needs to attach to the bottom of Part A, however, I am unable to “flip” Part B to have the two bottoms of the parts connect. I can not flip the part in breadboard, schematic, or PCB view. Does the program not allow flipping of parts by design, or is it just simply impossible for the program to connect the bottoms of two boards together to create a type of custom sandwich style PCB in between the two boards?

I may be missing something very obvious, but if the obvious solution is to remake my part pre-flipped, I may just flip out. :confused:

Hi !
I’m also new to fritzing and I hope I understood your problem correctly…

I did two MB102 placements with an LED on it each.

The I selected the lower breadboard together with the LED and
found that the flip-option is not available.
However I could rotate the selected parts by 180 deg.

rgds, Uli

Rotating does not fulfil the needs of flipping though.

Edit: I found flip on the bottom left of the window. For some reason it’s not available in the context menu?

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THX1138 - Thanks for mentioning that it is at the bottom of the window. Did not notice it and couldn’t find the flip functionality anywhere.