Flip a transistor

I noticed I can’t seem to flip a transistor - is there an option to allow me to flip it , so the “rounded” face is facing me?
In breadboard view, it seems to not want to flip.

You can rotate it by 180 degrees, but I think what you want is to straighten it up, and that (AFAIK) can only be done by making a new part.


When it is available, the breadboard view part flip option only mirrors the graphics. It will not ‘turn it around’, so that the back side is facing out. There is no separate graphics stored with the parts to do that. vanepp´s solution of rotating 180° gives the electrical equivalent, to get the pin connections reversed on the breadboard.

Warning up front. This alternate method impacts the PCB view too.

Another way to get the pin connections to reverse, and to keep the transistor the same way up (no 180° rotate), is to change the type. Select the part, then in the Inspector, under Properties, use the “type” dropdown to select a transistor with the reversed pinout. For example, change “NPN (EBC)” to “NPN (CBE)”. ONLY do this, if you do not care about the PCB view, since the connections for the footprint there will be backwards.