Fix Generic IC wandering

How do you fix the generic IC wandering each time you open the sketch.

I can temp fix it. Select IC, change to DIP16, change back to DIP14, and it’s back in position. But that is not permanent. Each time you open the sketch it wanders, and if you don’t correct it each time, after 5 opens it moves a lot.

Yep, we ran across this issue once before but I don’t remember how we fixed it… probably need to save it as a new part… fix it and re-save it.

I submitted it as a bug a long time ago and was hoping it would be fixed by now, but since it’s not, I guess I’ll do it the long way and make a new part.

When I was exporting PDFs I noticed that the generic parts came out HUGE and out of position unless you made them custom parts. Possibly that’s related?

I don’t know what the huge would be, but this was the bug I sub 4 months ago.