First timer questions

Plan on using this tomorrow pleased to see it offers a large board size and exports gerber.

I’'ll assume you can just bypass the breadboard step, draw a schematic and generate a pcb?

Plus – if I do use the breadboard and want a large circuit can I add more breadboards to the view?
I have one thing that would fit on a small breadboard but on the pcb I need to duplicate the circuit 10 times. Can I do the circuit on a small breadboard and then duplicate or something?

– thanks !

Breadboards are near the bottom of CORE parts.

Yep, put a box around it, copy, and paste.

beautiful – thanks. I had installed this and then deleted it so will try again. one thing that was happening that is a mystery is I did a very simple batt + res + led just for getting a feel. nothing could be simpler right? so I put it on a breadboard, did a rats nest and all connections were where they should be but when I went schematic view and did an autoroute it didn’t give me a nice schematic at all – just a jumbled mess.

I connected to breadboard pins that were in row contact with parts – not the part itself but I imagine that’s fine. my schematic didn’t have nice straight lines or 90 degree turns – just weirdness.

maybe you have to clean up the schematic manually ? thought I saw a video that showed autoroute applied to the schematic as well as the pcb?

I’m going to ask questions as I use this for the first time today if I can’t find an answer by searching –

** so do you clean up the schematic manually? (that’s what I did).

(by the way – loving fritzing so far) !

in the pcb view right now and it seems that what you should do is perhaps delete the board itself (the actual rectangle or whatever) so you can manipulate your components ? when the board is there, if I try to select a group of components, (which you would do outside a part) it selects the board instead. ?

ok just tried this – looks like CTL + select is the way

Autoroute is junk, in fact all autoroutes in all programs are junk. Autoroute is a legacy from the old days so you should always route manually.

Ratsnets snap to the closest part so you have to manually do tracks in each view to optimise them.

When you box a set of parts hold down the Ctrl button and click on the parts you want to deselect.

Found that out – hate to say it but unless it’s a simple circuit, having some issues and the program crashed as well. Love the “feel” of it though.

Think I’ll play with again tomorrow but not having much luck. Had a mysterious wire appear ? And when I’d delete it, it came right back and sometime in weird locations AND rename itself with an odd number like wire 234 or next time wire 278. ?? had some other odd things happen.

I’ll give it another chance tomorrow.