First time user have yet to order PCB board

Hello… I’ve designed my PCB board and I’m ready to have it manufactured. Can you confirm if I’ll receive an Arduino header or an actual Arduino board?

From the Arduino parts list, I selected a board, (Mega ADK). I designed my PCB but I need to know if I’ll receive a header printed on my PCB board or an Arduino Mega ADK printed on my PCB board.

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Upload the sketch file (the .fzz file) of your board (upload is the 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) and one of us will have a look at it and point out any problems we see. Without something to look at it isn’t possible to comment.


FirstPCB Board.fzz (87.8 KB)
Thanks for taking the time.

Don’t order boards. You have a lot of problems. The first thing I did was run DRC (Design rules check) which flags many errors. For instance the wires circled in red here are shorting pins on the mega which will make the board unusable.

I would guess you used autorouter (which is usually not a good idea as it isn’t very good) with the settings set too loosely. You are better (although it is a lot more work) to manually route the board. This is how you run DRC

and that gives you this result

here I selected the first conflict in the DRC list and it adds red markers to the areas in conflict. As you see it is saying the traces are shorting the pins (as noted above) and that the two traces on the bottom are routed too close to each other. The desired outcome looks like this (on a trivial board)

As well you are missing one connection in breadboard, although I can’t immediately see where it is (it should show up as a rats nest line!)

the 62 of 63 nets routed message at the bottom should say routing complete.


That will depend on what you order. Most pcb houses will provide only the bare PCB that you design. At least by default. All you will get will be a bare PCB with copper traces and holes. No parts, no headers.


Thank you for taking the time. I’ll look through my design carefully. More to come.


Thank you. Good to know!