First effort at AutoDosing DC Motor Project

I’m currently working on the very beginning stages of an auto-dosing project for a hydroponic system. Basically, hooking up the Arduino to three DC Motors and a timing circuit. I’ve never done anything like this, so the going is slow.

I figured I would start by simply creating the circuit/breadboard to run each of the motors without worrying about the timing circuit. The attached pictures are what I’ve come up with so far (It only allows me to put one image per post, so see the next post for the breadboard image).

Question 1:

The schematic has a couple “ratsnest” lines that won’t go away (between the 2nd and 1st diodes and the 2nd and 1st transistors)? Does this mean there is something wrong with the way I’ve drawn the circuit or manipulated the breadboard?

Question 2:

On the schematic, I haven’t hooked anything up to the Arduino 5V and the Arduino Gnd like I did on the Breadboard. Is this ok? In other words, is it common practice that these connections are just assumed?

Question 3:

Does this circuit look like it will work (I will only be running 1 motor at a time).

Thanks tremendously in advance, really enjoying this software and learning Arduino.


Q1: The ratsnest line between FET2 and FET3 is actually going through FET3. the source leads of the 2 FETS are connected. Schematically, this is correct. You just need to select the ratsnest line and delete it. I think that the same thing is occurring between the cathodes of D1 and D2. It is not possible to tell from the JPG image. You will have to drag the ratsnest line to tell for certain. I this truly is what is happening, then again this is schamatically correct.

Q2: You will need to connect the ground from the Arduino to the ground for your 12V power source. So far the Arduino is just floating with respect to the 12V supply. The 5V line in the breadboard is unneeded.