Fireworks Remote Igniter

Hi there,

I’m new into Fritzing. What I’m currently trying to develop is a remote fireworks ignition controller based on an Arduino Mega 2560 and an ESP8266 as 2.4 GHz wifi adapter.

Basically i’m thinking of having a 12V power source which is used for powering the Arduino as well as the pyrotechnical igniters. The mosfets for firing the channels are controlled via the Ardunio. For remote control i’m currently developing an open-source tcp protocol which can be used to communicate with the boxes with a wifi capable device. Of course strong encrypted communication is being used. The final module should fit into an outdoor case and allow 12 to 16 channels to be fired from a secure distance.

Technical details on the pyrotechnical igniters can be found within the following PDF

I have already built a working real-world prototype, but it’s currently more like a mess than a real thing, since i’m not yet skilled enough in electrotechnics.

Happy to hear your suggestions and recommendations.


I think I would go with XBee instead of the wifi adapter -


Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, I’ve already thought about using XBee’s, but came to the conclusion that they do not fit the project for a first prototype due their high price. An ESP8266 is ranging from 2-9 $ where the XBee is at 30$+. Also I’m planning to put all the parts together on a single Board/PCB somewhen, that’s where the ESP8266 also fits better because it can be ordered as a single chip for just as low as 2$ and soldered on a PCB easily.

If cost is a big factor, then go with a Pro Mini instead of the Mega. You can pick them up from China for about $2.00 ea.

You could also save by using 2 or 3 multi-channel MOSFETs instead of the singles…