Finished and documented a Fritzing project


I wanted to share my success with everyone in the Fritzing community. I have completed another board, which I call “Allan’s NeoPixel Clock”, and blogged about it here:

Desktop NexPixel Clock

In this blog, I describe my experience with Fritzing, and some of the Fritzing tricks and short-cuts I have learned. I have many screen-shots from Fritzing.

My fzz file is freely available on my GitHub directory.





Great work! love the write-up. I’ve moved your post from beginners, to tutorials and guides. As others can learn from your work.

Great job! We cannot thank you enough for contributing back to the community. Much appreciated.





Thanks for the write up. Nicely laid out and in simple terms. It gives me hope that I can actually get something created.

Played with the PCB shape. Your saying there is no way to change the fill colour?

I keep going back to this article. How does this display the time?