Finding parts and pin labels dissappear on generic part i created

Total newbe to Fritzing and arduino- am i missing something when it comes to finding parts?

I was looking to use a l298n motor driver PCB… I saw a fritzing diagram using same board in a robot tutorial i saw online but can’t find it in parts search.anywhere. Are there extra librairies i need to download?

question 2. OK can’t find parts so i used the generic IC to make my L298N H-bridge. When I label pins in fritzing, I save them but at some point they just dissappear and pin numbers are put in place of my pin labels?
I change them back, save it and same thing happens!

This forum post should help with that.

In addition (or when the forum doesn’t help) a google search for “fritzing part l298n” will often find something either in another repository, someone’s github repo or a fritzing project.

I assume you are using parts editor for question 2 (I normally don’t use it) so perhaps one of our folks that do use it will have an answer. I’ve never been able to get it to work well for me and thus tend to edit the underlying xml files (which not everyone here argrees with :slight_smile: ).


If this is the case they would need to save as a new part. Then edit the new part and save it. Then you delete the old part from your project and use the new part. The one in your project would still be the one you started with not the new part that is why you have to delete it.

Also all the l298n chips I have have offset pins so I do not think you could use a generic ic anyway.