Finding new parts

I am brand new to “making” and fritzing. I am working my way through the fritzing tool and have encountered my first roadblock. I am looking for an ESP32 development board compatible with the NodeMCU-32S standard. I am able to find information online but I don’t know how to “grab” the information and import a part into fritzing. Can someone point me to a tutorial that explains the process of finding new parts and adding them to fritzing. Thanks.

I don’t know of a tutorial for finding parts, but a google search of the form “fritzing part NodeMCU-32S” is a good start. That turns up a part which may or may not be what you want. You are looking for a .fzpz file and when you find it, doing a File-open->part.fzpz file will load the part in to the mine parts bin in Fritzing ready for use.


Peter: Thanks for the hint. My problem is solved.

Or a .fzz (sketch) file that is using the part you need. The “temp” bin includes the parts for the sketch that are not in core, and can be saved and loaded into the “mine” bin for use in other projects.