Finding Fritzing Fixes

Another thing I found that needs to be fixed :

While using the Parts Editor in fritzing - when you export a .svg image from it, the file is scaled incorrectly … As I found out the hard way after several goes at importing the image back into parts editor & wondering why it didn’t seem to be the same size as before … 
Upon opening it in an editing software like Illustrator, I found it had shrunk by approx. 10-15% . So once you’re done with editing, it the image needs to be re-scaled to the correct size. ( Seems to happen with other format’s that I’ve checked like .pdf & .dwg too )

Not sure what the requirements are to fix this - maybe there needs to be a scaling option ?

Something else to consider for the next edition … :smiley:

Ciao, Bantum …

I recommend working with the hard files, when it comes to the .SVG files. I personally never export .SVG files from inside fritzing. Mainly because those files are already .SVG… It’s kind of like chasing your tail. But as things progress I’m sure this will be ironed out.

But these issues are good to know about! Keep them coming :+1:

Thanks Landracer,

To further expand on the exporting of .svg files from within frizting’s part editor, what other types of ‘hard files’ are you talking about ? From my experience & understanding is that .svg files are relatively easy to work with & should be in theory more like the .pdf’s when they become secured / locked once completed. There are other options other than .svg & .pdf file types mentioned in the parts editor, just wondering which do you recommend using in fritzing parts? In my case I was using them as a workaround by coping an existing file, exporting & editing them in Illustrator, then exporting back into fritzing for a new part, saving time having to redraw stuff that is similar.

Maybe there’s some tutorial or ‘how to’ out there with details of this procedure ( that I may have overlooked or missed ) to export / import .svg files into fritzing parts. If not, that should be another area to look at.

Kind regards, Bantum …

When I say hard files. I mean the original .SVG files located in the fritzing folders

Native linux install (ubuntu 14.04)
fritzing build linux(you know your folders if you built from source. **)
**/home/user folder/Downloads/fritzing-MAIN-BUILD-location/**fritzing-app/parts/svg/core/
Windows 7 64-bit download

I didn’t list all the locations for versions. But more of an idea of what I am talking about as examples.

Inside the core svg folder we have a bunch of .svg files that are used by fritzing in schematic, PCB, breadboard, or the icon folders. I make ‘copies and move where necessary’ of whatever parts I need to use/modify then import the new .svg files into the parts editor and change as necessary. I’ve yet to encounter an issue doing things this way. As long as the layout is set to the proper size and the layers/grouping are correct. I’ve nailed parts every time. To find the .svg file(s) used by regular fritzing parts, I just open the part in question inside the parts editor each part has an .svg filename in the righthand side dialogue box. I then go hunt it out… Works a treat.