Finding a Pin Header

Hello. Does anyone know the name of this part, if it isn’t custom?

I don’t recognize it, so it may be a custom part. Where did you find it? If it is a sketch and is in the temp parts bin then it is a custom part. If you locate it in the parts bin and right click on it then click export part it will be exported as a .fzpz file which is a standard part. You can then load it (where it will appear in the mine parts bin) via file->open and use it as a standard part.


It’s on another sketch I found online but the part was never specified. This is the sketch:

How do I access the temp bin also?

With the above sketch loaded In to Fritzing, in the parts bins (right side window) there should be one named “temp”. It is usually at the top of the scroll, if it isn’t you may have to scroll the window down til you find it. In there there should be an icon that matches the gray part, right clicking on that will give you the part to export and reuse.