Find shorted nets in PCB, Design Rule Check?

I ordered a PCB and after I installed all parts, I found a bug: Two nets have been shortened together.
The Fritzing software didn’t find this error. I think there must something like a Design Rule Check to find these shortened nets. The software can report not routed nets, but no shortened nets. Or did I miss something? How can I test for shortened nets?

Cheers, Rainaldo

Hi Rainaldo! Yes, the DRC should find these types of errors. But only if the two nets are really logically separate. It might be that you accidentally connected them at some point.
If you can share the file, I can take a look.
Hope you could fix the boards without too much effort!

thank you for offering your help.
I attached the file. It’s a bandpass filter which detects a single acoustic frequency.
I didn’t use the breadboard because I designed the schematic first. I’m sure that the schematic is ok. But the PCB has (at least) one bug which the DRC doesn’t find.

Aufbau.fzz (39.6 KB)

Thanks! There are some unrouted ratsnest lines that could be causing this. Look for the dotted lines in both schematic and pcb view. Also the status at the bottom shows unrouted nets.
I assume you didn’t mean to have connections there and accidentally created them without noticing. Try to remove them (right-click > delete) then run the DRC again to see if the shorts are now detected.
Also, it seems that the file was created with Fritzing 0.8.5 – we’re at 0.9.2 now… :wink: