Find existing schematics for import

I have a project that involves several existing projects from the Arduino and similar libraries. They are:
AC phase control
DHT22 Temperature sensor
Relay control
LCD display

You can probably guess what this is.
I would like to make a custom PCB, and would like to document the project in schematics. Is there a source of existing Fritzing files (specifically the above), that I can pull from and merge, in order to save time? I see some example Fritzing sketches, but did not see the above.


You appear to be mostly in luck. The Fritzing parts search finds a triac, a optoisolated triac (not the same part as the one referenced though) a solid state relay and the led display. You would need to either find or make a part for the zero crossing triac driver but that shouldn’t be too hard. You would then need to connect all the parts together within Fritzing to make your project. You may want to look at / search the projects page on the main Friitzing site to see if someone there has made something similar to what you want.