File totally messed up after reloading

I have designed a project including PCB and circuit diagram that took me several days of work. Then I saved and uploaded to Fritzing projects yesterday. Actually I’ve opened it today with the plan to order it and I saw that the plan was totally corrupted. The PCB Layout is totally destroyed. The circuit diagram looks fine but if I touch a sigle item and move it all connections change… What can I do?

Version 0.9.2
Windows 10 64bit.


I have no help. But this has happened to me before. I “think” that it seems to happen to me when I leave fritzing open for a day or two on my computer. I have started to close fritzing every time I am not using it and this seems to help prevent this.


Hi guys, this is a tricky bug that comes up once in a while and was really hard for us to track down. We just finally fixed it:

Until the release of 0.9.3, whenever you encounter the bug, try closing and re-opening the file (do not save it). That normally fixes it.