FC-03 IR Speed Sensor

I needed this part to create an illustration and made a new one as I couldn’t find it available anywhere.
It isn’t complete, though. I just needed the breadboard image, so it doesn’t have the PCB footprint and the schematic is usable, but isn’t good either.
I decided to publish it here because it may be useful for someone.
FC-03.fzpz (15.9 KB)

Actually the schematic is fine, that is what most of them look like and the scale is correct. I fixed up the pcb section so it matches and has the appropriate hole sizes. Most of my changes were in breadboard though, lightened the background color a bit to add more contrast, swiped a pseudo 3d render of the interrupter from another component and added a few more smd parts sprinkled around. This version was exported as a new part so you can load it along side your original and see which one you like better :slight_smile:

FC-03_improved.fzpz (28.4 KB)



Thank you so much for the changes! I really like the way this version looks on the breadboard :grin:.
I just made an adjustment on the fonts because it looks like they were a little distorted on the breadboard.

FC-03_improved_v2.fzpz (29.0 KB)

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Always happy to help people make better parts, that way we all win!