Fan - Ventilador 5V [Download Piece]

This is a piece that believed he needed to prototype a fan next to my electrical circuit hope will be useful to more people in the community. It is the typical desktop pc fan. I have nothing to add since it is a fairly generic component.

Esta es una pieza que cree pues necesitaba prototipar un ventilador junto a mi circuito electrico espero les sea de utilidad a mas gente en la comunidad. Es el tipico ventilador de pc de escritorio. No tengo mas que agregar ya que es un componente bastante generico.

*captura realizada con shutter de la ventana de fritzing de como se ve la pieza puesta.

  • capture made with shutter window as seen fritzing the set piece.

Download the piece (Descarga de la pieza)
Fan - Ventilador.fzpz (13,2 KB)

Very great job!
It’s possible to have one with the hall sensor connection?

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I do not understand, you mean to connect them to a sensor or that I can arm the .fzpz of the sensor?

I simply mean the fzpz file that describes a fan with the three wires (power, ground, hall effect sensor)

I understand, let me make it and add it

Hi, thank you for sharing this. It’s exactly what I was needing. Do you have the adding of third wire done ? Sorry but my spanish is worst than my bad english :slight_smile:

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Nicely done, was looking for this. ¡Buen trabajo!

Thank you for the excellent fan.
For a project, I’m using a much smaller fan, as is commonly used with 3d printers or SBCs.
I tried to figure out how to make your fan scalable, but wasn’t successful.
So I scaled the figures and created a new part that I call Small_fan.
Small-Fan.fzpz (14.0 KB)