Exporting for PCB

Hello all.i have a problem.i downloaded Groovesizer Red .fzz file from groovesizer.com.when i try to look copper layers.its look wrong here is the photo.do you think its a normal copper layers ?

From what I can tell… it looks ok to me.

You can export the gerbers and use gerblook to see what is copper.


here is top copper.i think this is not okay.

Other than the routing being a mess… what doesn’t look okay? I didn’t say it was pretty, I looked at the image on the grooversizer site and that is what it looked like… I couldn’t tell you if it will work or not…

i realy get confused.i think this is the reverse of copper layer.because when you look at this picture,lines look likes copper but in the picture above,all surface looks like copper layer except the lines doesnt it ?

Your first picture did look a little strange, I way also trying to figure out why it looked that way. But you were looking at the back side of a one sided board. Your traces and copper rings show through as copper but the ground plane looks kind of bleach out…

In Fritzing under Routing I think you can remove the ground fill, and that will show traces more clearly.

Mouse wheel zooms in.