Export Schematic with GRID


I have downloaded this night the program and works very good. But I have one question when I export the scheme in png format the picture doesn’t have the grid in the background. How can I export the schematics with grid at background?


I suppose it could be useful (maybe / depends) but, the only way I know is to simply do a Screenshot.

EDIT: An afterthought: For schematics, I often add an image of the PCB. It’s simple and, depending on what it is, I may tweak the Contrast and Highlights first.
Then, I simply use the Schematic Image Part, change type to Image and load my xxx.SVG (must be SVG or else it will be black).

The ‘afterthought’ is to make a Grid, save as .svg. I wouldn’t use a grid in my schematic but, this approach might be useful… It’s certainly useful if wanting to embed an image of the PCB or Part Spec’s… Can be only Black/White (colors show up as black) - gets messy looking but, lowering the font size of the lines help.

… just food for thought…
Example attached