European vs American standards can I change them?

Hello and good morning, brand new Newbie here. Simple question, is there a way to switch from European standards (mm and mils) to American standards like inches and decimal feet? I appreciate any responses, thanks. Another issue I’m trying to solve is with the silkscreen layer more specifically the description of a part after it has been placed. Can they be moved independently of the part itself in the silkscreen? What I’m finding is after placing a part in any view(breadboard,schematic etc.) is the label for the part is far away or turned the wrong way, how can I work with these separate from the part or can I? Thanks again. C

No not really. Grid can be changed, and location X/Y in the bottom left can be changed - click on it -, but electronics probably won’t shake off the imperial std so it will probably always be a mixture of imperial and metric. mils are thou.

Grab the label in the corner to move it, and right-click on it for other stuff.

"Mil" is stands for “Milli inches” or “Thousandth of inch”…
So, meter & inches both are available…!!

(For me it was confusing with Mil in “pin spacing” selection… I prefer mm, that’s not available.
So, for 2.54mm pitch, I calculate this way, 200mil is for 2 step ahead from first pin, 300mil is 3 step ahead… etc…)