ESP8266 deauther like board

Hi, I bought this board from
and no fritzing scheme found on Internet. So I decided to create one and share with you.
The board is well knowed as deauther, even if it is possible to use like a normal board with an OLED and a 5 way button built in. On the back there is the place for a 18650 rechargable battery, so this board is stand alone for the power plug.
Hoping it helps someone.
ByeESP80266 Deauther board.fzpz (66.0 KB)

Nice job! Breadboard is beautiful. A couple of improvements: breadboard: increased the font size so the labels are more readable, and set fill on the connectors to #ffffff to produce a white hole. Schematic: added the pin labels. Pcb added the path with the mounting holes on silkscreen (so the user can drag a hole over them if they want the mounting holes drilled). Something is a little off in the path or gerber processing as the right side silkscreen for the path bends in to the mounting hole for some reason.

edit: removing the linear gradient (which pcb isn’t using) looks to have fixed silkscreen. Don’t know why but this appears to work correctly. I have replaced the original file with a new one.


Increased font size on “off” and “on” in breadboard.

ESP80266 Deauther board.fzpz (65.1 KB)

(you will need to delete the original part in fritzing to load this one as it is not a new part!)


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Thank you vanepp!!! I really appreciated your response and your improvement work. I worked a lot on the breadboard only, I tried unsuccessfully to install and use Inkscape with the correct font, ignoring everything else due to the little time I had available. I also apologize for not having responded and thanked you so far. I am happy with this collaboration. See you soon.

Oh, I only see now a little revision that you can do (if you want)… As I wrote, my font don’t work well… On the breadboard side, there are two labels on the main switch, in the lower left side, indicating ON and OFF position… they are in wrong small font.

I just updated the file with the font size for on and off the same as the other font sizes.


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You are a precious person, know it!
Thank you very much Peter.