ESP8266 adapter board displayed different in SVG Export


I modifiyed a part to receive an ESP8266 adapter board. In fritzing it looks like ist should, but when I exported it to svg, it ist diplayed wrong. What is the problem of the part? What can I do to solve it?


ESP-12F.fzpz (40.5 KB)
Untitled Sketch 4_Steckplatine

Welcome aboard! You appear to have hit a Fritzing bug (this being the exported svg for breadboard):

Untitled Sketch_bb

The first thing I tried is removing these translates (Fritzing sometimes has troubles with translates as in this case):

so edit the breadboard svg in Inkscape and ungroup it (which will typically apply the transforms), then regroup it and rezip the .fzpz file. That appears to have cured the problem as this is breadboard exported as an svg with the above changes:

Untitled Sketch_bb

For reasons unknown the svg is truncated but if you try it with this part file, the svg is correct in Inkscape:

ESP-12F-fixed.fzpz (36.7 KB)

It would be good to file a bug report on github here so this may get fixed:


I’ll suggest, never export svg from part editor… Best option is copying the raw svg from fritzing folder…

That was from a raw svg file. not parts editor. The truncation appears to have been only a preview artifact as well, the displayed svg is in fact correct, but was truncated on the sides in the preview.