ESP8266-05 with external antenna

ESP8266-05 WIFI module comes with a DIY terminal strip to solder. In breadboard view, I have not added pins, but only terminals, as the pins are pointing downwards and are not visible, when the module is used on a breadbord. I can add some terminals, if its the best way to use the part in Fitzing.
ESP8266-05.fzpz (7.3 KB)

A couple of suggestions: in breadboard you want to change the connectorxpin labels on connector 0 to 3 to the larger circle (which currently have the pin names) because if you connect a wire on breadboard, vcc (the bottom one) is normal but the other 4 have a large green or red halo. The cause seems to be that the connector pin is to the smaller circle on the connector which for some reason causes a large halo. In schematic view you want to add connectorxterminal pads at the end of the pin because at present the schematic connections go to the center of the pin (because there is no terminal defined). I usually use a .02 inch rectangle for the terminal pad. Other than that looks good.


I hope, that I have understood you correct. I have removed the inner circle and made the connection to the outer circle now.
ESP8266-05.fzpz (7.5 KB)

I had made the connection in schematic view correct to the end of the pin, But uploaded the previous version, where connection was in the center. The reason for this is, that when I make a new version, it automatically gets a new variant number. I have found out, that this new variant number is not necessarily the highest. It is quite annoying. The new variant does not get its new number before you have closed Fitzing. So you do not know it on beforehand. And you can not delete the old version, while it is used in the project. Even you delete the part
in the project.

You have to notice the variant number of the old one before you close your project in order to delete the correct one next time you start Fitzing.

You look to have understood just fine :slight_smile: it now looks fine. I find it useful to add a version number to the part file name to tell which version (if I have several) is the latest one.