ESP32S2 WROVER part?


New to the forum here. Is there a part for the ESP32S2-WROVER?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I made a bug report for the KiCad part importer, as it failed to convert a KiCad footprint to a Fritzing SVG. I was trying to use that to make this part…

Adafruit maintains their own Fritzing repository which looks to have a part here:

found via a google search for “fritzing part esp32s2 wrover”


I was actually looking for the bare module - the one linked in my first post. Thanks for helping though :slight_smile:

Do you know if that already exists, or if it doesn’t, can you help me figure out how to create it? I’ve never made a Fritzing part before, but I’m willing to learn :man_shrugging:

Then this one may do, I don’t know if it is the same as the version you want though.

If not post and I’ll look at modifying it to fit. Unfortunately part creation isn’t an easy task.


Thanks for the quick reply. The part you sent is very similar, but the ESP32-S2-WROVER has an extra row of pins on the bottom. I’m also not sure the pitch is the same (Each pad is 0.9mm, and they are 1.5mm apart center-to-center). I really appreciate your help!

In case it’s helpful, here’s a screenshot from the datasheet.

OK here is a part that should do the job. Note as usual, I don’t have one of these so it is wise to print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 and compare it to a real part before ordering boards. As well the vias for the thermal pad don’t work (at least easily) in Fritzing, so to get the vias after you place the part you need to drag a via from core parts/via over the position marked on silkscreen to get the via (I don’t know if they want a thermal pad on the bottom layer as well, if they do you would need to add that some how as well.)

ESP32S2-WROVER.fzpz (15.2 KB)


That seems to work, thanks so much!