ESP32S-HiLetgo Dev Boad with Pinout Template

There are several different ESP32 development boards on the market, each of a different size and pinout. The ESP32S-HiLetgo is narrowest of the development board allowing for a row of sockets on each side of the breadboard.

ESP32S-HiLetgo: ESP32S_HiLetgo.fzpz (20.1 KB)

There are no pin numbers or gpio numbers on the top of the HiLetgo board making it a little difficult to locate the correct pin. To solve this problem, I drew up a pinout template. This template is for the ESP32S HiLetgo dev. board and likely will not match any other board.

To use the template, download and print the attach .fz file which contains the pinout template .pdf file. Cut the template out on the dotted line. Lay the template on the breadboard and punch the dev. board pins through the template aligning with the corresponding HeLetgo dev. board image. It may help to align the template by pre-punching a few of the pin holes through the template with the pin of a breadboard jumper wire first.

This is a .zip file… Please download and unzip to access the files.
ESP32S_HiLetgo_fzpz_file_and_template.fz (464.9 KB)